How Our Process Works

Our Equipment

To create our custom metal engravings, we use CNC (computer numerical control) machines. CNC machines are capable of automating the control, movement, and precision of tools with pre-programmed computer software. It utilizes the process of a computer-driven machine tool to systematically remove material from a solid piece of metal to produce a specified shape.

Turning Photos into Lasting Engravings

Once you send your chosen photo to, it is edited in photo enhancement software to highlight the tones that extenuate the proper areas to ensure a proper 3-dimensional relief. It is then opened in computer-aided machining software and again altered to create or isolate the highs and lows to a depth appropriate to the features.

This software will generate numeric codes that will tell the Computer Numeric controller what paths to cut the material and choose tools and speeds to engrave for the highest quality cuts.

A Great Gift for Any Occasion

Every piece of art we create is entirely unique and makes an excellent gift for any occasion, including:
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Awards
  • Murals
  • Employee commendations
  • Memorials
  • Business plaques
  • Pet portraits
  • Graduation

See Our CNC Milling Process in Action!